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Beth Miranda & The Muddy Walrus

About Beth Miranda photo - handmade pottery creator

After taking over 20 years off from making pottery, I finally got my hands back into the clay about five years ago. Pottery, to me, is not just the end result. The process is where most of my joy comes from. There is something special in getting your hands into clay – it’s a form of stress relief, a physical connection to the earth, making the process utterly therapeutic. I especially love the decorating aspect. Making functional pieces filled with color and imagination ignites the senses.

"I want my pieces to be fun and functional for daily use. That's where the true joy lies. Seeing the posts online of people enjoying their new functional art pieces brings me so much happiness." 

I originally fell in love with pottery while attending Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. As my passion blossomed, I soon changed my major from business to ceramic arts. When I became a mother a few years later, pottery shifted to the back burner while I focused on raising my family. 

As my girls grew up and became more independent, I reignited my passion for pottery and started creating pieces under the name MudJoy Pottery in 2016.  

The name MudJoy was close to my heart because it reflected the elation I feel with creating each new piece, as well as the joy at seeing my customers’ love of the pieces I have created for them. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me to trademark the name. I probably should have taken more business classes! When we discovered MudJoy had been recently trademarked and I could no longer use it, it took me a few days to wrap my head around it. I even considered no longer making pottery. But, once I realized it was just a name (thanks to all my amazing customers), we decided to take a leap of faith and totally revamp the brand. We had always wanted a studio dog. That’s when we found our canine soul mate, Grace. 

Grace is a mix between a basset hound and Sharpei; Grace’s breed is named Walrus. I was immediately smitten, and Grace came home as our studio dog. 

Once I settled into this new frame of mind, we asked our social media community to help come up with a new name for the studio. The Muddy Walrus Pottery was born. Although the road was bumpy, we are so thrilled with the destination. Grace brings our customers and us so much joy every day! You will find her in my studio and at every event (if they allow pet mascots!). Truly lemonade from lemons. Plus, have you seen the logo? ❤️

~ Beth

Commissioned Pottery

I love to create custom pottery for individuals, events and companies! Contact us for more information about how I can help create your vision.
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